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What is EQ?

“Emotional intelligence begins to develop in the earliest years.  All the small exchanges children have with their parents, teachers, and with each other, carry emotional messages”

Daniel Goleman- Author, Psychologist and Science Journalist 

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The Confident Learner Podcast

Join Julie, Lynette and Amatullah on her show Education Matters as they unpack practical tools based on Magic Blox 4 Life program principles.

Magic Blox 4 Life’s purpose is to empower children to unlock their potential and support them in achieving their personal best

Magic Blox 4 Life offers various Life Coaching & EQ (Emotional Intelligence) programmes to support all children, teens, parents and teachers by equipping them with the skills and tools to overcome challenges in their lives as well as building their self-confidence and social skills, improving their relaxation and concentration skills, improving parent- child and teacher- child communication and learning to lead positive, happy and mindful lives.e…


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Our Team

Julie McCarthy
Creator and Owner of Magic Blox 4 Life, Nia White Belt Teacher and Life Coach
Magic Blox 4 Life was created and founded by Julie McCarthy, Children, Teen & Adult Life Coach and White Belt Nia Teacher.  In 2006, after a successful 15-year career in Read More
Sithe Lynnette Ngweni
Magic Blox 4 Life Coach and Special Needs Teacher
Lynette is a teacher and works with special needs children.  Her passion for children, amazing skills, bubbly personality and calling to help children overcome challenges brings with her a wealth Read More
Kayla Keating
Magic Blox 4 Life Coach and Special Needs Teacher
Kayla has been an integral part of Magic Blox since its inception and is a teacher working with special needs children.  She is an outstanding teacher who follows her passion Read More
Julia Kerr-Henkel
Magic Blox 4 Life Coach and Executive Life Coach
Julia works predominately with our Magic Blox 4 Youth and Schools Program and   is an International Coach Federation PCC-credential level Integral Coach® who has been running her own business, Read More