Our ongoing Game of life refresher workshops are offered to course graduates for ongoing practice and re-enforcement of the skills and concepts learnt on the course.  There are different options offered depending on the need for the refresher workshop.  We offer the Game of Life workshops or Specific Skills workshops where we focus on a specific challenge and support the child in applying the concepts to that specific challenge.

The workshops are run in groups or individual private coaching.

inner-magicINNER MAGIC – The children’s self-esteem game 

Our Game of Life Workshops incorporate InnerMagic, a board game which supports the concepts learnt on the Magic Blox course and helps to re-inforce and practice the concepts learnt.  The game is also beneficial to children who have not completed the course and therefore this workshop can be offered as a stand alone workshop for families or siblings.

InnerMagic is a children’s board-game designed by Carol Surya a counselling psychologist to assist children to:
identify feelings
express emotions and thoughts
enhance development in all areas
learn valuable life skills
enhance relationships
improve self-esteem and self-worth


 Game of Life Refresher Workshop

Cost: R300 per child per session

Cost: R500 for siblings together (x 2)


One on one or group Life Coaching Session
All creative materials
Feedback Report.

Please contact us to schedule a refresher session

Parent Magic

written by Carol Surya (MA Couns Psych)

Cost: R150

“A practical guide to appreciating, understanding and parenting today’s generation of children”

Inner Magic children’s self esteem Board Game

designed by Carol Surya (MA Couns Psych)

Cost: R550

“A practical guide to appreciating, understanding and parenting today’s generation of children”

Combo Price

Inner Magic Board Game + Parenting Magic Book Combo

Cost: R650

Our refresher workshops are open to all children, tweens and teens that have completed a Magic Blox 4 Life EQ course.  The refresher workshops run on Friday afternoons.  If you would like to book a refresher workshops, please click here let us know which Friday afternoon would best suit you.

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