The Magic Blox 4 Pre-Schoolers EQ/Life Coaching programme beneftis all children (age 4-6) and parents by equipping them with a strong emotional foundation as well as the skills and tools to lead positive, happy, mindful lives.


Magic Blox 4 Life’s purpose is to empower children to unlock their potential and is designed to support children in discovering and connecting with their identity and expressing their feelings. Through building self-awareness, they learn effective communication and ways to deal with the many difficulties, that life sometimes delivers and which they may encounter on their life’s journey.

Magic Blox 4 Pre-Schoolers is presented over a series of four x 2 hour workshops either in groups with both children and parents or individual private parent/child coaching.  The skills and concepts are taught with lots of fun games and activities, worksheets, creativity with arts and crafts, visualisation, imagination exercises and affirmations.

  • Workshop One: Orientation
  • Workshop Two: Positive Thinking
  • Workshop Three: Feelings and Fear
  • Workshop Four: Self-Confidence and Bullying


On-going Game of Life  refresher workshops for continuous development, offered to all children who have completed the Magic Blox course. This can be done in a group or individually.


  • R4000 per course – one child – one parent
  • R6500 per course – two children – one parent
  • R4500 per course – two parents –  one child
  • R7000 per course – two parents –  two children

Cost includes:

  • A consolidated 4 workshop course
  • Social environment to stimulate EQ (emotional intelligence)
  • Practical and fun activities to reinforce concepts
  • Introduction to EQ (emotional intelligence)  for parents (1 hour)

All course materials

  • Children’s workbook
  • Parent handbook
  • Creative take home items

Upcoming Course Dates

  • Privately scheduled Courses available (incl 4 workshops)