The Magic Blox 4 Parents and Families program objectives are to:


  • Equip parents and families with an understanding of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and practical tools and techniques.
  • Equip parents and families with practical EQ and self-awareness skills to personally benefit and improve parent-child relationships and communication.
  • Empower parents and families in unlocking their own and others’ potential and move beyond any mental blocks.
  • Assist parents and families to apply the principles and practices in their own lives and build resilience.



  • Practical, easy to apply, fun EQ skills to help with any life challenge i.e.: a difficult subject, friends, bullies, family, trauma, etc.
  • Improving confidence and self-esteem.
  • Improving relaxation and concentration tools.
  • An understanding of how to improve communication and social skills to enhance relationships within the family.
  • Learning to Identify, embrace and express their thoughts, emotions and feelings positively.
  • Equipped with positive parent coaching EQ tools and skill, including positive discipline, respect and building security in the child.




The Magic Blox 4 Parents or Mom’s is divided into two workshops as follows:

The Magic Blox 4 Families is divided into four workshops as follows:

Module One:
THINK, DO, BE:  An Introduction to EQ

  • Visualise your potential
  • Create your potential
  • Become your potential

Module Two:

THINK, DO, BE:: Building EQ

  • Develop potential in children
  • Support EQ in the home
  • The key to the effectiveness of this material is that it can be adapted to suit any age.

Upcoming Magic Blox 4 Moms course dates

  • Saturday 11th and 18th May 2019 from 14h00 – 16h30.


  • R1100 per person (minimum 5 people per group)


  • Workshop One: Orientation
  • Workshop Two: Positive Thinking
  • Workshop Three: Feelings and Fear
  • Workshop Four: Self-Confidence and Bullying

Upcoming Magic Blox 4 Families course dates

  • The workshops are scheduled according to availability, please complete a reservation form and select the month that you would like to enroll for the course and we will contact you to schedule the workshop times and dates.


  • R4000 per course – one child and one parent
  • R5000 per course – two children and one parent
  • R5500 per course – two parents and one child
  • R6700 per course – two parents and two children