Magic Blox offers Two Core Programs offered to Schools

Magic Blox 4 Schools Introduction workshop Program

 The Magic Blox 4 Schools introduction to EQ workshops are offered to Primary and High school pupils.  The workshops include an introduction to the Magic Blox 4 Life concepts.  The workshops are fun and interactive and equip the children with a few practical EQ tools and skills to benefit them in leading happy, mindful fulfilled lives.  The introduction workshop provides an opportunity to experience a few of the concepts, however we do offer a full in depth EQ course for children at our venue in Bryanston.

Participants walk away with:

  • Practical, easy to apply, fun EQ skills to help them with any challenge at school i.e.: a difficult subject, friends, bullies, different teacher’s styles
  • An introduction to improving confidence and self-esteem
  • An introduction to relaxation and concentration tools (especially supporting those children with ADHD)
  • Improved communication, social skills / relationships between their teacher/s, classmates and peers
  • An introduction to identifying, embracing and expressing their thoughts, emotions and feelings positively

The Magic Blox 4 Schools Program Agenda

The workshops are tailored to the school according to number of children, grade and space available.  The workshops are between 1 and 2 hours and can be delivered to groups of 50 – 100.  The ideal number is 50 children per session.

The workshops take place at the school.

Magic Blox 4 Teachers’ Coaching Program

Magic Blox 4 Teachers is a one-day coaching program which offers a unique way of introducing EQ and Life Skills to teachers so they can in turn teach these to their learners when required in a natural way and in real life, classroom situations.

The Magic Blox 4 Teachers’ program objectives are:

  • To equip teachers with practical EQ and self-awareness skills to benefit and grow themselves personally
  • To equip the teachers with practical tools and techniques to apply in their lives to help those who have challenges to cope and importantly, to assist and support those who are top of their class to continue to thrive
  • To empower teachers in unlocking their own and others’ potential so as to move beyond any mental blocks

Benefits and outcomes of the Teachers’ Program

Teachers on these programs learn tools and techniques to:

  • Support themselves, other teachers and in turn their learners to deal with challenges that arise in the classroom and to find that magic “aha” moment of awareness that brings belief and self-confidence into being for their learners
  • Embrace and express thoughts and feelings positively
  • Improve communication and relationships between teacher and children
  • Further assist and provide in-classroom support to children in their class who have already completed the Magic Blox 4 Life Course, providing necessary understanding, context and continuity.

The Teachers’ Program Agenda

Typically, we propose a one-day workshop for teachers of High School pupils. This would ideally take place in one of the following formats:

  • The day before the new school term commences after a holiday period or
  • A Saturday or
  • Alternatively, the program can be split over three workshops on separate days.