The Magic Blox 4 Teachers/Therapists and Parents Course objectives are to:

  • Equip all teachers, therapists and parents with an understanding of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and practical tools and techniques to give children from a variety of socio-economic circumstances emotional support.
  • Equip teachers, therapists and parents with practical EQ and self-awareness skills to personally benefit and improve therapist-patient relationships and teacher-pupil relationships and communication.
  • Empower teachers, therapists and parents in unlocking their own and others’ potential and move beyond any mental blocks.
  • Assist teachers, therapists and parents to apply the principles and practices in their own lives and build resilience.

Magic Blox 4 Teachers/Therapists and Parents Course Investment

  • An investment f costed on a sliding scale based on the number of participants per program.
  • Number of participants per group 5 – 9: R1200 per person

  • Number of participants per group 10 – 15: R1000 per person

This program is divided into two workshops as follows:

Module One:

THINK, DO, BE:  An Introduction to EQ

  • Visualise your potential
  • Create your potential
  • Become your potential

Module Two:

THINK, DO, BE: Building EQ

  • Develop potential in children
  • Support EQ in the practice
  • The key to the effectiveness of this material is that it can be adapted to suit any age.



Magic Blox 4 Life Coaching Testimonials

  • “I enjoyed the training as it gave me ideas to use in my class, I am excited to send some of the children on the Magic Blox course for children.” – Jessica Pinard (Teacher)


  • The training was great as it reminded me of principles and practices to use to improve one’s life. The training will definitely help me to implement these skills in the classroom.” – Lauren Knezovich-Henwood (Teacher)
  • “Magic Blox 4 life is a wonderful way to inform teachers of their emotional intelligence and how children deal with issues regarding their EQ. Completing the Magic Blox teacher training course changed the way I teach forever. I now see the children in my class in a new light. Magic Blox created awareness around the holistic development of the children in my class and that is it not all about IQ, and the results they produce on paper. Teaching is about enhancing the child’s well-being in a holistic manner and learning about EQ and how important it is, this made me realize that I needed to be aware of what is going on internally with each individual child, and how each child is coping on a day-to-day basis.  My classroom is a better place because of Magic Blox 4 Life. I am a happier, more aware teacher and the children I teach benefit hugely from what I have learnt through Magic Blox. Thank you Julie and Jo for all the wonderful, positive work you do to better the lives of children all over JohannesburgJeanine Lester (Teacher)
  •  “As an Occupational Therapist I see many children who are anxious, lack confidence and struggle to manage difficult feelings. Magic Blox has helped me integrate EQ into mysessions.The fun creative activities reinforce life skills concepts on a sensory level.” Taryn Rutenburg (Talk Sense)


  • “I enjoyed the workshop, it made me understand that it is important to express yourself in a positive manner always and to see the positive in everything. You guys at Magic Blox are amazing and so passionate about changing the world into a more positive environment. Thank you, Magic Blox!”Meghann Pearce (Teacher)