Magic Blox 4 Life’s purpose is to empower children, teens and adults to unlock their potential and support them in  achieving their personal best

The programme equips children, teens and adults with a strong emotional foundation as well as practical EQ skills and tools to lead positive, happy and mindful lives.  They connect with their identity and what they are feeling.

Through building self-awareness, they learn effective communication and ways to deal with the many difficulties, that life sometimes delivers and which they may encounter on their life’s journey.

The programmes equip them with the skills and tools to overcome challenges in their lives as well as building self-confidence, social skills and self- awareness, improving relaxation and concentration skills, improving parent- child and teacher- child communication and behavioral skills to help self-regulate their emotions and responses.

The concepts and activities used throughout the Magic Blox 4 Life programmes provide opportunities for learning new and workable ways of relating, learning about themselves, their responses to situations, and how others respond to their behavior.

The key to the effectiveness of this material is that it can be adapted to suit any age group and therefore parents, teachers and children of all ages benefit and are able to apply these practical skills and tools into their lives on a continual regular basis.


Magic Blox 4 Life Programmes are all based on 3 main concepts

  • ThinkVisualising your Potential
  • DoCreating your Potential
  • BeBecoming your Potential


Visualising your Potential

 Positive thinking



Creating your Full Potential

Positive Affirmations

Blocking out Negative Messaging 


Becoming Your Potential

The Power of the Mind

Creative Visualisation

EQ is the ability to identify, understand, use and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, resolve conflict and overcome challenges.

Today, more than ever before, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is considered as valuable as the traditional Intellectual Intelligence (IQ) in building a successful life. Magic blox 4 life offers a course for children & adults to help them develop skills to build and enhance their EQ.

In the world we live in, education is focused and measured on a child’s IQ. However, as our world continues to change at such a rapid pace, it is important for our children to develop their emotional skills so that they can grow up to be well balanced happy, confident human beings. They require skills to help them embrace change and develop coping mechanisms. The magic blox 4 life course empowers children by unlocking their potential and enabling them to achieve their personal best. By equipping both parents and children with life skills, the course will help them deal with challenges in a way that will encourage positive responses and interactions.

Magic Blox 4 Life will give children & teens the freedom to be actively involved in their own growth. Realising that they can take responsibility for their own learning, they start to think independently, explore fearlessly and grow with confidence. Being able to understand and process their emotions, feelings and energy in a positive way stimulates more appropriate responses and reactions, increasing opportunity for interpersonal growth between parent and child.

Psychological therapy is an individual form of healing where a child works through specific issues on a one-on-one basis with a therapist. By contrast, the magic blox 4 life course equips children with tools to help them deal with their emotions throughout their lives. This is delivered in a workshop format to enable children to learn self-awareness skills from each other through fun, age-appropriate activities by connecting and sharing each other’s experience.

Our children are part of a new generation that has a unique sense of self-awareness, with the perception that they know who they are and what is right for them. This can result in conflict when the child and the parent have different ideas and established boundaries are tested. Most parents are aware that their child’s feelings of self-worth are linked with their success socially and academically, but sometimes are unaware of how easy it is to damage their child’s self-esteem even with the best of intentions.

Your child will be able to apply the skills learnt in the workshops to everyday life, leaving them prepared to cope with the challenges they face and to enjoy their accomplishments.



The Magic Blox 4 Life programme was written and developed by Julie McCarthy in 2010. This unique life skills and EQ programme makes use of NLP and Life coaching techniques and processes.

Magic Blox 4 Life’s purpose is to empower children to unlock their potential and support them in  achieving their personal best