Magic Blox 4 Life Professional Partners


Talk Sense is an early intervention multi disiplinary practice based in Bryanston, Sandton, Johannesburg.
Our experienced therapy team includes Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Play therapy and Parent/Teen counselling.  We also run the Magic Blox Life skills programme for children as well as a Therapeutic group for children with social challenges (P3). Read more







Carol Surya, Child psychologist, (MA Couns.Psych, HPCSA Reg)

Carol Surya is an author, psychologist, game developer and workshop facilitator who is passionate about uplifting children and inspiring parents and professionals that work with todays youth. Her practical parenting book, Great Kids, strengthening their natural potential and children’s self esteem game (InnerMagic), both stem from professional experience gained over the last eighteen years working with a diverse range of children (and their parents) worldwide.


Little Winners: Larne Neuland

little-winners-logoLarne’ has been working on promoting practical thought education for the past eighteen years – it is her driving passion to ensure that children of the future generations learn how to develop a positive attitude and so become little winners!



Magic Blox 4 Life compliments other therapies...

Children who have worked through the Magic Blox 4 Life course are generally more relaxed and have a better sense of their place in this frantic world. They get flustered less easily and they develop a sense of confidence and are more grounded. Those whose parents get on board and embrace the approach certainly make the bigger gains as the whole family become involved.” 

Francois Harrison- Occupational Therapist, Chartwell Therapy Rooms


”Magic Blox is a wonderful program that would benefit all children, however, I find particularly children who are already facing developmental or sensory processing challenges. It helps them to feel empowered and confident in themselves. Teaching them how to express their feelings appropriately and how to think positively about challenges in their lives. It is a program that opens channels of communication in families and has such a positive impact for the whole family. The children that I work with as an Occupational Therapist have often had experiences which knock their sense of self-worth because of their awareness of the things that they find challenging. This is a program that builds children up and equips parents to help their children grow emotionally. I am always excited when a family decides to follow through on my recommendation to attend the Magic Blox course because I know I will see the positive changes in therapy”

Vicky McDermott- Occupational Therapist, Talk Sense Early Intervention Centre