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EQ (Emotional Intelligence)   complementing   IQ (Intellectual Intelligence)  , PQ (Physical Intelligence) and SQ (Social Intelligence)

Today, more than ever before, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is considered as valuable as the traditional  IQ, PQ and SQ in building a successful, positive life.

The most important fact about EQ is that it can be improved and developed no matter your age. By starting young we aim to build stronger relationships and succeed in life.

High emotional intelligence (EQ) brings confidence, patience, empathy, trust, enthusiasm and predictable behaviour. But a low emotional intelligence sees aggressive, impulsive, stubborn, critical, anxious and fearful individuals.

Life coaching for everyone! The MagicEQ Courses equip all children, teens, therapists, teachers, and parents with practical Emotional Intelligence (EQ) tools to build resilience as well as act and respond more positively and confidently in everyday life. The EQ courses consist of five interactive EQ sessions, available both in-person and online.

Using the MagicEQ Tool Box, individuals experience a practical, fun journey into Self Awareness and Positivity.
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