Magic Blox 4 Life, was established in 2011 by Julie McCarthy, certified Life Coach and Nia Teacher.  Julie developed the Magic Blox EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Life Skills Coaching program because of her passion for education and helping children, teens, teachers, parents, therapists and schools.  The program supports individuals develop their EQ from a holistic wellness perspective.  The program supports those that are at the top of their game to stay there, and those who are struggling to overcome the challenges.  It creates a strong emotional foundation, builds self-confidence and resilience, social skills, improves relaxation, concentration and communication skills.  Individuals from as young as 4 years old, learn the ability to identify, understand, use, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, resolve conflict, and overcome challenges. Magic Blox 4 Life’s vision is to help our children and educators to build stronger relationships, succeed at school and in life, and to lead confident, independent, connected, creative, happy, successful, and mindful lives. 

Using the MagicEQ Tool Box, individuals experience a practical, fun journey into Self Awareness and Positivity

The MagicEQ courses:

– support children and teens in dealing with school, home and social challenges as well as in discovering who they really are and what they are feeling.

– support parents, therapists and teachers in building their own EQ as well as with their own children at home, patients/clients in a therapy session, or learners in the classroom. They are equipped to use and teach the skills and techniques within their practice, at home or in the classroom as they naturally occur.

– equips individuals with a strong emotional foundation as well as the skills and tools to overcome challenges in their lives as well as build self-confidence, social skills and self- awareness, improving relaxation and concentration, improving parent/teacher/therapist – child communication and self-behaviour skills to help self-regulate emotions and responses.

– provides opportunities for learning new and workable ways of relating, learning about themselves, their responses to situations, and how others respond to their behaviour.

The key to the effectiveness of the EQ material, is that it can be adapted to suit any age group and therefore parents, teachers. therapists and children of all ages benefit and are able to apply these practical skills and tools into their lives on a continual regular basis.

What is EQ (Emotional Intelligence)?

EQ is the ability to identify, understand, use and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

The Magic Box 4 Life EQ Courses are based on three main concepts as follows:

Think – Visualising your Potential
Do – Creating your Potential
Be – Becoming your Potential

EQ Course Benefits:

  • Identify, Express and Manage Emotions Positively such as anger, anxiety and fears
  • Improve Confidence, Self-Esteem and Resilience
  • Learn Relaxation and Concentration Tools (supports children with ADHD)
  • Effective Positive Communication
  • Learning to Empathise with others
  • Improve behaviour management.

Refresher Sessions:

* Additional online or in person refresher sessions are offered on an optional basis after the course is completed. The refresher sessions help to apply the EQ tools to specific challenges that might occur after the course and there is also an option for the child’s parent, teacher or therapist to run a combined session to address any emotional challenges the child might be having at school or in therapy, or at home.