Catrobatkidz will provide all the necessary movement experiences needed to have a profound effect on your child's life.


for kiddies from 2 to 9 years old

Physical Development experiences and activities are crucial in the early years and are cited as one of the three prime areas of learning and development in children. The other two areas being: Personal, Social & Emotional Development; and Communication & Language.

Therefore, movement education and physical skill development is an essential part of any school curriculum, from pre-schools to schools, from home-schooling to remote learning, and also for those parents who want to share in their kiddies physical development journey.

With over twenty years of experience in coaching and preparing lessons for maximum benefit, Catrobatkidz offers three different platforms whereby children can build a healthier body composition, stronger bones & core muscle strength, improve academically and share in the power of movement.

What We Do

We absolutely love providing a valuable service by getting children active, and leaving them on a natural self-esteem journey and feeling great about themselves.

We are passionate in helping children develop, not only physically, but emotionally and socially as well. We teach movement patterns and skills that allow children to connect concepts to actions which are essential to accomplish a goal, and to learn through trial and error. We not only help children increase physical strength, but also increase memory, perception, language, attention, emotion, self-discipline and decision making. Movement is one of the most important aspects of a young child’s life.

Nico and Andre spent many years researching to come up with this incredible programme, and our research still continues to give the best and latest techniques and ideas for children to enjoy. Over 25 years of pre-school coaching experience has taught us how to engage children in the moment, through exercise, music and laughter, and it’s this same philosophy that is at the centre of the Catrobatkidz programme, and in every class that we create. We help kids grow in confidence by combining having fun with exercising.

We have dynamic structured lesson plans created with defined learning outcomes which cover a whole lot more than required by the GED CAPS curriculum, guaranteed to benefit children. We bring the latest kids exercise music, a variety of custom made high quality mini-gymnastics equipment, and piles of different stimulating hand apparatus, making Catrobatkidz an enriching experience for children, parents and schools and letting children feel great about who they are.

We positively encourage every child to reach their potential.

Why Choose Us

The great thing about us is that we are right where you want us to be, a fun educational fitness and skill development programme on your screen, at your home, or in your child’s school.

Children today are spending far less time moving freely and exercising – this is what we do best! We have a tireless team, full of get up and go, who dedicate their time to having fun seriously, and celebrate every single child’s journey. We love what we do and coach with passion, positivity and professionalism. At the end of every class we need to know that each child has accomplished something. We want your child to feel this way and grow in confidence. Please leave it up to us to awake the fitness bug in your children, from the shy to the high spirited, and give them a good start in life.

We help young children develop basic movement skills to increase their school readiness and their academic and sporting success in the future. We also inspire them to build a strong foundation to make healthy choices in every facet of their lives so they can look forward to a healthy and active lifestyle, and overall well-being, which they can build on for the rest of their days.

We hear so often about how much children, parents and schools love our quality programme and the positive impact it has on them and we will love you to experience this as well. We believe every customer is a valuable asset to our business. Let us keep you updated with Progress Reports and offer Home Exercises when needed. Let us impress you with our professional admin. Year after year we want your heart to swell with us when we hang our medals, and hand out our certificates, at our professionally pre-recorded End of Year Displays.

There is really nothing else quite like Catrobatkidz, please let your child exercise, learn, laugh and grow in self-confidence with us.

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