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CogniBlocks is an educational school readiness course for children in:

CogniBlocks is an educational school readiness programme, tailor-made for children aged 4 to 8 that empowers young minds to soar.

Rooted in over 5 years of research and intensive study by a qualified Psychometrist, Reading Therapist and private Maths Educator, that uses building blocks to ignite problem-solving skills and foster creativity in learners, forging connections between the left and right hemispheres of their brains, equipping children with the skills needed to navigate the challenges of everyday life.
Our courses aim to stimulate both mental and physical development, unlocking children’s potential along the way. Through child-led activities that are as enjoyable as they are enlightening, we nurture skills in: · numeracy · literacy · social interaction · perception, and · fine motor control.

What we do

CogniBlocks has an education-based curriculum that focuses on developing strong Mathematical and School Readiness skills in children. 

Children use Duplo-like plastic building blocks to play, learn and grow through structured lessons that develop their cognitive and school readiness skills. The course consists of weekly group lessons run by an instructor who is there to give guidance and helps the children with their tasks by asking questions that leads them to solve the challenges independently or as a group. Each lesson runs for 30 minutes and is adapted to match children’s cognitive development and keep them engaged and challenged.

we Teach Mathematics Foundation

CogniBlocks has a strong focus on building a foundation in Mathematics, a subject not only fundamental for school but used throughout adult life. 

Children are introduced to and practise concepts such as:

CogniBlock’s use of building blocks as an aid allows children to better grasp and understand abstract mathematical concepts.

We develop school readiness skills

CogniBlocks is built specifically around developing the following school readiness skills: 

We expand young Minds

CogniBlocks allows children to practise focus and concentration skills and expand their imagination and creativity; all in a fun and engaging way; in a safe and supportive environment. 

So if you are looking for the perfect activity to engage your child’s mind and give them a cognitive advantage, click the link button below to sign up.

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