GreenSkills was established by Dr Premie Naicker in 2011 and was borne out of Premie’s passion to integrate hard and soft skills.  Working in the IT industry Premie recognised the lack of soft skills and interpersonal skills which is a big requirement for teams to interact successfully with others.  Her MBA thesis (2010) further highlighted the impact of emotional intelligence on strategy implementation and profitability for sustainability in the 21st century.  Her PhD focused on Integral Leadership and Organisational Development focusing on Women and Youth empowerment from an African Feminine Leadership perspective  – developing frameworks for integral holistic development for the individual leader and the enterprise.

Premie currently is MD of FuseForward SA, which is an AWS cloud partner.  She also lectures, supervisors and coaches’ students at the University of Johannesburg on a volunteer basis, runs a volunteer program called SheLovesData which exposes women to new careers in the Industry 4.0 space and assists entrepreneurs digitise their business.  Read more….