Would you like to know more about Magic Blox 4 Life?

The Magic Blox 4 Life Free Information Meeting provides parents, teachers, therapists and anyone who is interested in learning more about Magic Blox 4 Life EQ/Life Coaching / courses for children, teens and adults. The purpose of the meeting is to gain an understanding of the courses, how they work and the benefits they offer. It is important that at least one parent attend the information meeting prior to the commencement of the course.    * Should you be unable to attend a scheduled date and would like to book a course, we are happy to schedule a private meeting.

Magic Blox 4 Life EQ courses equip children (4-13 years), special needs individuals, teachers, parents and therapists with practical (Emotional Intelligence) skills and tools to lead positive, happy, fulfilled lives. The Magic Blox  EQ courses  include 5 x online or in person practical, interactive life coaching sessions.

Magic Blox 4 Life offers therapists, teachers, and parents a unique introduction to EQ, enabling them to apply these concepts to themselves and with their own children at home, patients/clients in a therapy session, or learners in the classroom. They are equipped to use and teach the skills and techniques within their practice, at home or in the classroom as they naturally occur. The sessions offer information pertaining to developing emotional intelligence in children, however the principles can be applied to people of all ages. The course equips them with an understanding of EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and practical tools and techniques to give children from a variety of socio-economic circumstances emotional support. These approaches help to build resilience in children and adults. They are also equipped with practical EQ and self-awareness skills to personally benefit and improve therapist-patient relationships, parent-child, teacher-learner, and other professional relationships.

There has been a significant rise in bullying, aggression, and violence in schools. Therapists, teachers and parents have a  responsibility to assist children in developing emotional intelligence and practical tools for dealing with their own negative and destructive emotions, and to safeguard themselves from negative and aggressive behaviour from others. Tools for dealing with bullying are particularly important in building resilience in children.  The Magic Blox EQ for Therapists courses offers 5 Level 1 and 1 Level 2 (ethics) CPD points.

Parents, Teachers and Therapists are required to attend a Free online EQ Information session prior to a course commencing.

* Additional refresher sessions are offered on an optional basis for after the course is completed. The refresher sessions help to apply the EQ tools to specific challenges that might come up after the course and there is also an option for the child’s teacher of therapist to run a combined session to address any emotional challenges the child might be having at school or in therapy.

What is EQ?

“Emotional intelligence begins to develop in the earliest years.  All the small exchanges children have with their parents, teachers, and with each other, carry emotional messages”

Daniel Goleman- Author, Psychologist and Science Journalist

The definition of EQ is the ability to identify,  understand, use and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict.

The EQ course benefits children, parent. teachers and therapists by equipping them with practical techniques to:

  • Identify, Express and Manage Emotions Positively such as anger, anxiety and fears.
  • Improve Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Learn Relaxation and Concentration Tools (supports children with ADHD)
  • Enhance Communication
  • Learning to Empathise with others
  • Improve behavior management.

The 3 Basic Concepts


THINK: Visualise your Potential

Thoughts are our first level of creating. Everything in this world starts out as a thought! The courses focus on Positive Thinking.

DO: Create your Potential

Action is our next level of creating. Our thoughts are followed by our actions and what is important is what we do with our thoughts and emotions.

BE:  Become your Potential

As we learn to practice the skills and know what we want, we then create an action to move closer to our outcome.  The more we practice and apply this process to our lives on a daily basis, the more we create the lives that we desire.

The MagiEQ Tool Box

Practicing the Magic Blox EQ tools for a few minutes each day, creates a conscious awareness of our thoughts which activates the subconscious mind and in turn creates an action followed by a behavior, followed by a positive shift.
  • Visualisation and Belief EQ Tool
  • Affirmations EQ Tool
  • Kicking out the Grouch thoughts EQ Tool
  • Blocking Out Negative Messaging EQ Tool
  • Self-Concept EQ Tool : Feelings, Fears, Bulling, Responsibility and Trust