The Magic of Music Box . . .

Music Box is a pre-music program for babies and toddlers. We strongly believe that children learn best through play! Our lessons therefore use music, movement, and storytelling to develop several skills in our little ones.

Our much-loved mascot, Dixie Knox, always brings her special music box filled with surprises that bring our lessons to life! Music Box classes are very visual, auditory, and tactile as we strive to stimulate the senses. We explore a new theme every term and each lesson incorporates a variety of theme-related songs, vocabulary, props, pictures, and percussion instruments.

Music Box assists in the development of:

What to expect at studio/caregiver and toddler classes:

These fun-filled lessons are a fantastic bonding opportunity for moms, dads, grannies, grandpas or even nannies to share with their little ones. Lessons are 45 minutes long and include an exploration activity. This is an opportunity for toddlers to take a break from the structure and stimulation of the class, explore theme-related or educational toys, or even participate in a sensory activity.


Class Day and Time:

Class Day and Time:


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