A Stroke of Insight

When I came accross Jill Bolte Tayler's TED Talk in 2012, it truly inspired me and confirmed the importance of creating a balance between both left and right sides of the brain. Jill Bolte Tayler is a Nuerologist who had the opportunity to experience her own stroke and is able to give some incredible insights into the different hemispheres of our brain. This is definitely worth watching.

The Confident Learner Podcast

Join Julie, Lynette and Amatullah on her show Education Matters as they unpack practical tools based on Magic Blox 4 Life program principles.

unlocking-the-minds-power-to-change-your-life-business-times-article-aUnlocking the minds power to change your life – Business Times article

Article published in Sunday Times, August 2014.

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Mindfulness relaxation trial records 'overwhelming benefits' at Canberra school

Mindfulness relaxation undertaken by a Canberra school has seen "overwhelming benefits" for its young students, teachers say.

Each morning students in Year 3 at Giralang Primary School go for a short run before heading inside and settling on the ground for a 10-minute guided relaxation. Read more

Check out the Magic Blox 4 Life Article featured in SA Female Entrepreneur Magazine

SA Female Entrepreneur – August 2016

Life Skills for Children SA

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