What is Remedial Therapy?

Remedial teaching provides students with corrective strategies and tools to cope with barriers to learning. It is a process of removing the pupils’ difficulties that have crept into the holistic understanding of certain concepts and/or general academic work.

Assisting learners to overcome or cope with learning challenges is the role of a remedial therapist. This therapy focuses on skills rather than content. The focus varies depending on the needs of the learners.

What We Do

It is important to rebuild a child’s confidence within themselves before attempting to correct any academic difficulties.
At the MagicBlox: Children’s Wellness Centre we aim to build a trusting relationship between therapist and child as well as create a fun and exciting learning environment. The work we do is usually games based, to remediate the missed foundations of concepts. We focus on consolidating academic gaps and giving your child the one on one time they deserve.

How We Can help

Remedial Therapy can help support children:

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