Magic Blox 4 Life EQ Coach for Therapists and Teachers

Danielle is an Occupational therapist and has been an integral part of Magic Blox since its inception.  Danielle primarily focusses on the Magic Blox 4 Therapist and Teachers EQ course.   She is an excellent occupational therapist with a gentle nature and a passion for working with and helping children.

  • 2019: Interactive Metronome, Maude Le Roux & Louise Vermaak
  • 2018: Vision, visual perception and learning/memory Sensory matters/Peripheral Visual Awareness A talk by Casha Meintjies, Movement Analysis Education Strategies (MAES) Introduction Course
  • Shane Brassell & Anita Hains. Full Movement Analysis Education Strategies (MAES) Course
  • Shane Brassell & Jean-Pierre Maes
  • 2017: Neuro-behavioural assessment of infants aged 0-8 months SANDTA, Wheelchair seating workshop (one day) CE Mobility, Sensory integration explained course Impact Learning
  • 2013 – 2016: University of the Witwatersrand; Bachelor of Science in Occupational
Danielle Keating