All Magic Blox 4 Life Progammes have been endorsed by  Caro Surya – Child Psychologist, Author and Game Developer.

Magic Blox 4 Life  Endorsement Letter Carol Surya

Magic Blox Testimonials

Magic Blox has helped me and my girls so much. They point out behaviors in me, and I in them, helping us all to gain a sense of awareness in ourselves and each other. This awareness helped us to dig deeper into what the “source” of our behavior is. It’s helped the girls to be able to express their feelings and change any grouch thoughts to love thoughts. This thought concept was especially beneficial. It was a great course, I loved spending time with my girls! Thank you.

Jacqui Wierzbowski (Parent 2017)

Since magic blox I have been better able to communicate with my children. I have seen how Jonah and Noah have used the tools they learnt on the course to manage their emotions and feelings and to better communicate with those around them.

Pamela Gutmann (Parent - 2015)

Magic blox has helped Thomas and Joshua to learn more about themselves and realise what they are good at. Thank you for helping our children to change their thoughts and actions from negative into positive!

Leigh White (Parent - 2016)

Since being on the Magic Blox course James has become better at communicating his thoughts and feelings. He is now a happier are more confident child, who is aware of what he is thinking and feeling. The workbook gave me awesome keys to open communication and the feedback helped me to gain information on how James is handling situations.

Carolyn Johnson (Parent 2016)

The affirmations have really benefited Tyler and Katie; I can hear them doing their affirmations before they go to bed. It has given them a much better sense of themselves. The feedback is great; it is always good to get a more objective view. Magic blox is a great course, and we will definitely do some other courses in the future!

Shirley Hiller (Parent 2015)

The girls loved sharing their books with me and they were proud to show them off, the parents guide was great to be able to know what was coming up. The feedback was an excellent “peephole” into their inner worlds! The girls have seemed to be much more comfortable with their emotions, as well as with expressing them. They have also seemed to be standing up for themselves much more. I have gained a great awareness into the girl’s reactions and fears. Magic Blox is a lovely, uplifting and positive course which I believe will have long lasting effects on all involved.

Debbie Stonitsch (Parent - 2017)

Parent: The Parent’s Workbook gave me a very good idea of what Lusiba, Saneliso, and Lusiba were learning on the course.   They happily shared their workbooks as well as what they found exciting. The feedback reports were definitely helpful, providing a good idea of how the children were coping. They used the affirmations and their behaviour improved. Sandiso became more confident; Saneliso developed self- esteem and Lusiba became more aware.   Magic Blox gave us valuable tools to use in all aspects of our lives. … Angela Sobey


Lusiba: I enjoyed everything about the Magic Blox course. I had a lot of fun, learned to relax and to believe in myself.

Sandiso: I enjoyed painting and learning a lot of wonderful things.

Saneliso: I enjoyed painting my box and learning about myself.

Angela Sobey (Parent - 2013)

Dear Julie

Having read up on the importance of EQ amongst adults and children I was thrilled when you invited Emma to take part in your pilot course.
She loved the sessions with you and Kayla and particularly enjoyed the creative parts where she got to make an affirmation poster and her special box.
She also enjoyed the opportunities to talk and discuss each lesson. I think the work you are doing is essential and life changing and if more children were exposed to the basic principles you teach we would have a happier and more emotionally healthy world.
Wishing you continued success and I’ll keep spreading the word.
Corinne Rosmarin

Corinne Rosmarin (Parent - 2012)

Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for inviting Rhett on your pilot course for  Magic Blox.  I would highly recommend it for any child, as it teaches not only the child but the parent too.

It helped us by encouraging communication and giving me as a parent more patience. Your workshops which covered positive thinking, self confidence, family, feelings and fear are basic subjects that really would help any child on a daily basis.

Your parent workbook will definately help me in a situation that might arise in the future,  very clear and easy to understand.

Your weekly feed-back was so appreciated, in that way we could really understand where our child was at and what he was experiencing.  Thank you for that.

Involving the parents in the graduation was imperative, which is much appreciated.  Your hard work and dedication to children in this course will make a huge difference in their lives.  I would highly recommend this programe to all children.Tthanks so much


Alison Van Wyk (Parent - 2012)

Dearest  Jules

Thank you for allowing Trent the opportunity to attend your Magic Blox 4 Life kids course.

Firstly I would like to mention that Trent thoroughly enjoyed the course and couldn’t wait for each session.  He mentioned that he loved the interaction with the other children and hearing what they had to say about their lives at school and with their families.

He realised that his feelings were sometimes the same as others and this made him feel better.  He is a high energy child and has difficulty staying focused although he has very high intelligence and manages to succeed well in school academics, I felt the course taught him the tools on how to calm down and stay more focused on the subject at hand.

I also feel that the skills he acquired will help him to be able to manage his own stress and therefore help him to stay top of the class.

Tip:  once you have done the course, keep the book handy as I accidently left Trent’s workbook in the car and subsequently found him referring to the book often and reading it over again.  The book definitely helps to remind him of all the things he learnt and practise it in life.

Thank you again for the amazing opportunity.

Wishing you loads of success in your blessed ability to help children.


Sam Stearns (Parent - 2013)