Release tension & stress naturally with TRE®

Is your life stressful with you juggling pressure and having to make choices because of the demands of an uncertain world?

Stresses have a huge impact on our physical and emotional well-being and can often lead to burnout.  TRE® is a wonderful, gentle-yet-powerful, self-empowering technique that individuals can use throughout their lives to tap into a state of balance and harmony.

Join Dr. David Berceli in this YouTube video for his explanation of how TRE® works.

Whether you have experienced any traumatic incident, event, or accident, or if you simply want to be more resilient and feel better about life, TRE® will work for you. Normally Four to Six 60-minute sessions are recommended. Ages nine (9) years through adult can easily apply this to their daily life with a superb release on both a psychological and physical level.

TRE®’s reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing and after doing TRE®, many people report feelings of peace and well-being. TRE® has helped many thousands of people globally. The first session will begin with a brief explanation of TRE® and thereafter each session begins with a guided reflection on the individual’s progress with the method. If you long to feel calmer or feel a deeper connection to yourself, to change your sleep patterns for the better, manage your stress, reduce anxiety levels and reduce overall pain – TRE® is for you!

As you begin to make changes in your life, your provider will help you learn how to release and manage stress by using powerful tools such as self-TRE®.

TRE® can be offered individually as one-on-one sessions and facilitated both online and face-to-face sessions.

Typical outcomes

Clients report feeling empowered and confident to practice the exercises at home. Within a remarkably short time they begin to respond to stress and tension in a more positive manner.

Reported Benefits Include:

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