At the Magic Blox Children’s Wellness Center we offer group or individual Tutoring Classes both online and in person for both Primary and High school children.

academic tutoring

You may have asked yourself: “Does my child need a tutor?” if your child is experiencing difficulty with grades, homework meltdowns, or school stress then tutoring can benefit your child in many ways.

Tutoring can help them achieve better results in a subject they are having trouble with. Students who receive tutoring learn to manage their stress and learn more effectively by acquiring learning skills. One-on-one tutoring can help learners identify where they need reinforcement of certain material, and can give them the personalized guidance they need to fill in the gaps in knowledge.

While tutors strive to identify the gaps in knowledge, they also strive to facilitate learning by sharing lots of practice, revising theory, and engaging in an interactive discussion. If you need more individual attention, a tutor is a good alternative to large classrooms, different learning styles, and static curricula.

Does your child need it?

No matter if your child is in pre-school or a matric in high school, understanding your child’s educational and learning style is crucial. A tutor can provide additional support that a parent or teacher might not be able to provide. Here are some signs you may encounter that your child might need a tutor.

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